8 New Years

8 Great New Year’s Resolutions for Your Health & Wellness

1. Attend a Wellness Retreat
If you are looking for that first step toward your health and wellness goal this year, a wellness retreat could be just what you need to boost past the initial resolution phase. Step outside of your comfort zone and try different fitness activities as well as new environments with completely stress-free atmospheres.

There are many renowned wellness retreats available around the world that include complimentary meals, unlimited yoga classes, paddle boarding, snorkeling and many other activities to kick start your fitness-minded lifestyle. Although some of the best luxury wellness retreats are in areas such as Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, and Italy, checking into a local spa for the weekend is also an excellent option.

2. 30-minute HIIT Workouts
HIIT workouts or high-intensity interval training is a great way to fit that workout in around all of your daily routines. Whether you are a member of a local gym or choose to stream your regimen, HIIT workouts are short programs, about 30 minutes long, that include a lot of explosive movements and short breaks. These classes are a lot more appealing and are available at many gyms in the downtown Tampa area. One area gym that offers HIIT classes is Camp Tampa located off beautiful Bayshore Boulevard. Camp Tampa features circuit classes which combine treadmill sprints and weight lifting, as well as yoga classes for all levels, and cycle classes. HIIT classes are an excellent way to burn those calories in a short period of time.

3. Stream Your Cardio
If you’re running low on time to get to the local gym that does not mean you cannot achieve your fitness goals. There are many online streaming services and at-home workouts that you can utilize to stream your cardio or desired workout.

Social media influencers also provide hundreds of free workouts on their YouTube pages to walk you through step-by-step instructions on their workout plans. Whether you are looking for a beginner yoga class, treadmill workout or at-home living room body weight workout, you can utilize YouTube or Google to find a workout and instructor who motivates you through your laptop or smart device.

For those of you who want to take online streaming to the next level, Peloton is an excellent choice. Peloton sells bikes with a built-in screen which projects instructors and has multiple workouts to choose from. If you want to work out from the comfort of your own home, Peloton bikes are a great addition for the new year.

4. Be More Mindful
Although physical activity is a large step towards health and wellness goals, mindfulness is also crucial in a healthy new year. Meditation is an excellent way to improve your mental health.

Try downloading a mindfulness app that reminds you to slow down and live in the present this year. The Apple Watch and iPhone currently have an app which will remind you throughout the day to take a few deep breaths and slow down. It is important for your health to give yourself that break throughout the day and remember what you are doing and why you are here. If you are not an Apple user there are many mindfulness apps on all different platforms that you can download as a reminder to slow down. One great app that is available for iOS and Android users is Insight Timer. This free app features over 4,000 guided meditations from all different teachers. Take some time to try this app out and find a teacher and meditation that fits your needs.

5. Redesign Your Bedroom to Create an Optimal Sleep Environment
Do you find yourself waking up throughout the night or having a hard time falling asleep? A great way to improve your health is to improve your sleep.

One way to improve your sleep patterns is to redesign your bedroom to ensure you have the optimal sleep environment. One factor that can affect your sleep is loud noises. Although you may not realize it, noise levels could be waking you and increasing your blood pressure or stress hormones during your sleep as your brain registers noises even while you are asleep. Some remedies are to invest in a noise machine or try to wear ear plugs at night and see if your sleep pattern improves with these adjustments. Also, if your room is too bright it could affect your body’s clock and lead to trouble falling asleep. Some remedies are as simple as covering your LED displays in your room and investing in room darkening shades.

If you are someone who is constantly checking emails or on your phone before bed, attempt to set a curfew on your devices before bed. Some research has found that staring at screens before you go to bed is detrimental to your sleep cycle. An easy remedy to this is to stay off of devices an hour before you go to sleep.

Finally, you may significantly improve the quality of your sleep with a new pillow. Oftentimes we don’t realize that our pillows are so deflated they no longer hold your head up. It is important to have a good pillow that supports your neck throughout the night.

6. Personalized Workouts
If your resolution is to take your fitness goals to the next level, you may want to look for a gym in the area that has personalized workouts. Many gyms are shifting towards research-based workouts that are tailored to your exact genes and body type. These gyms use different types of technology and questions to determine what changes you need to make to get to your desired goals. If you have a goal in mind, you should contact some local gyms and find a trainer and gym that adheres to these goals. There are a few gyms throughout the Tampa Bay area that provide personal training and workouts to people with all different fitness levels, goals, and knowledge.

7. Try a 28-Day Vegan Reset
One way to improve the way you feel is by improving what you put into your body. It can be hard when you’re living a fast-paced life to really slow down and focus on what you’re eating every meal of the day.

Trying a 28-day vegan reset can be very beneficial to your mind and physical body. A plant-based diet sounds tough but there are many great recipes out there that can help you make these meals at home. There are also many restaurants that offer vegan options.

Eating vegan can even improve your skin. Often times we don’t even realize the harmful effects of what we are putting into our bodies until we commit to a change such as a vegan or keto diet. Although a one week or 10-day diet are a great start, 28 days or 4 weeks is a great way to commit yourself to truly seeing the change of your actions.

8. Commit to At Least One Night In Per Week
Often times, we get caught up with schedules that have 24/7 commitment to meet up with friends or bring family members to an event which can drain us of all of our energy. Although many of these commitments cannot be moved, try to commit to at least one night in per week where you do not agree to a last-minute dinner plan or event and give yourself some time to rest and relax without constantly moving. This one night in per week can immensely impact your mental state and self-care and is an excellent step toward a healthier 2019!